Along The Path of Broken Dreams

Featuring Nazzy

Nasrene connected on Instagram a while back, and we were finally able to get together and explore this winding path in Brooklyn. Our journey began in some old graffiti tagged bunkers. It was cold, windy and yet… still the warmest day we’ve had in a while; So we shot what we could as quickly as possible. Here’s our story.

Getting Started

We worked with every outfit she had in her backpack, mixed and matched some looks to capture these raw and moody shots.

We went for a walk to see what else along the path would inspire our creativity… until we hit the end of the road and decided on an outfit change.

It was time to turn back and head for warmer ground… or at least somewhere with cover from the wind.

Duck and Cover

We checked out another bunker along the way back, starting our journey from where we began with one more look before calling it a day.

Model: Nasrene

High five, we're outta here!