Going On Another Forest Adventure

Featuring Green Eyed Nymph

It was a hot and sunny day in May, when we set off for the forest to find some fun foliage to fool around with. Alright, feels good, I’ve got my alliteration out of the way.

So we ventured into the woods to find some inspiring props designed by mother nature —- though we really didn’t know what to expect as this was a new path to explore, and our first shoot together.

Cooling down in the crazy heat

There’s something about being in nature that just makes you want to stop everything and relax. Maybe it’s the just human nature, maybe it’s the way we’ve built our modern lives around the concrete jungles and supermarkets.

Beyond the serenity, one thing about being here is that it leads to all sorts of raw uniqueness, from hollowed out trees, to meandering rivers and more specifically, weird spotty patches of light sneaking through canopy. We found all of that, and then some.

Another segment of reality

Shooting in mid-day sunlight is always a challenge as the shadows keep changing, casting beams of light and into new locations every step you take. Sometimes you just have to luck out and get the timing just right for that perfect moment; That’s part of the fun when exploring on shoots like these.

Towards the end of our shoot, a light breeze had picked up that was just right for catching windblown hair, and a good time to wrap up the day and cool off.

This shoot was originally published in Earth Creature Magazine, which is now part of Earthling Magazine.