Bikini On The Runway

with Victoria Kuang

I met up with Victoria to create a spontaneous edgy shoot by the beach — so we drove out there to create this hybrid story with whatever we could uncover, which included some beachy vibes, an abandoned warehouse and a former runway. It was a bright and sunny spring day, so we took that as an opportunity to soak up the sun in her bathing suit. Fly away with us and see what we made.

Where are those damn floaty things?

As we walked along the beach, we tried to find buoys that had washed up, but had no luck finding them or any other cool props… so we continued on and looked for some other fun things to shoot with instead.

Turnin’ Back Around

We turned back around to retrace our steps, heading for departure…

Rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair…

Stopping for a much needed selfie break, and then it was time to hit the tarmac.

From the flight deck, it's time to take off...