Don’t Poison The Waterhole

Featuring Amy Wilderness

It was a hot and sweaty day at the end of summer, and the perfect opportunity to not swim (or fish). The only problem? Amy may have poisoned the waterhole… well not really, but we may have tempted fate. Scroll on through to find out what inspired the name of this story.

Forbidden Greens & Pipe Dreams

Starting this journey we found some old water pipes and decided to use this as a stopping point to cool off and get ready to roll.

Along The Path We Go

Exploring without a path is always more fun, but definitely not as easy. Fortunately there was this beautiful green landscape heading towards the source of our inspiration.

Down to the Basics

Perfect time to sunbathe as long as fishing and swimming aren’t involved…

Wrapping Up Our Journey

Amy headed back into the greenery for a few more shots before we called it a day.

Love these tones, she brought the perfect outfit. Plus the colors worked really well together.

And we’re done, time for some water and a shower! Because we made sure not to swim in the water.

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