Freedom Comes From Within

Featuring Brooke

Brooke and I met up to explore and create an adventure in the forest, searching for spontaneous inspiration. She set herself free and we captured the natural beauty of it all. From trees, to lush ferns and all the rocky stumps in between.

Here’s some poetry by Brooke, to accompany her beautiful spirit, energy, soul, and physical being.

what’s it like to be free, you ask?
well sweetheart, it’s completely different
for each and everyone one of us

the word and the meaning and the depth varies from person to person

and it’s rooted in love
for did you know?
free is love and love is free

whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your story, whatever you tell yourself, and whatever happens in your life:

i believe you can be free
and experience freedom if you let yourself and you choose to
it doesn’t have to look extravagant
it can be having coffee in a beam of sun
and just smiling because you’re alive

we’re all figuring out how to survive and thrive
so be gentle, and be bold
if i can do this
you can do this

As all shoots come to an end at some point, we parted ways but the memories of our adventure carry on in our memories and imagery. Another beautiful experience with a wonderful person.

So while you have your chance… run away, Brooke… be free, be you & love yourself as you are.

Model: Brooke

And always keep the laughter and smiles going strong.