Getting Rainy

With Amy Wilderness

Amy and I met up to embark on another journey; It was hard to beat the weather of our previous shoot, and the forecast was not looking good, but we embraced the impending rain and jumped right in, fully prepared to get wet and dirty.

Getting Wet and Dirty

Considering the rain clouds overhead, we grabbed ourselves and not much more, and worked our way into the woods to find a cool location to dress up and dress down.

A Lacey Exterior

For the first set of photos the goal was to aim for something in lingerie, and thankfully Amy had a fun piece to get us going.

Underneath it All

They say beauty is only skin deep, but inner beauty can be externalized. If you embrace your own energy, you can be more than just a simple earth creature; In Amy’s case she accomplished all of that and beyond.

Amy is now an official tree hugger.

We found some other creatures along the way.

The rain was starting to get annoying, fogging up the camera and leaving us a bit too wet and dirty, so we decided to get a few more quick shots and call it a day.

And that’s the end of this journey, a super fun shoot, even in the rain.

But before we leave you, here’s an obligatory bigfoot spotting in the wild… and something from the “blooper” reel.

Lingerie by Karolina Laskowska

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