Green Eyes On The Hillside

Featuring Green Eyed Nymph

In typical style, we entered the forest fully dressed and ready to explore. Using nature and foliage as props, we uncovered this cool little hillside sprinkled with ferns and made it our home for the shoot.

Originally the name for this editorial was Flourishing Ferns but I realized that I’ve gone with the fern moniker for way too long, and as much as I love them, brainstorming something different was more important. So, here we are.

Looking For The Light

We really loved the lighting and angles here, so that’s what we stuck with.

By now you can probably see how my obsession with ferns has gone too far…

At this point we were both starting to burn out from the humidity and heat, so it was time to head home for the day.

Model: Green Eyed Nymph
Apparel Featured: Vintage thrift shop finds

Don’t worry, be happy.