Not Fern Nothing

Featuring Brandi

Brandi and I went off to explore some trails in a pine forest, and hoped to discover something cool. We lucked out with some beautiful fern beds, pine trees, and some slowly setting sun in the later summer.

We also encountered some people along the way, which is always an interesting experience.

Into the Woods We Go

From the first shot, literally, we were perfectly nailing the moody looks. Brandi even said it herself, shot #1 on the camera was great. Probably a good indicator of the story to come.

Moving Right Along

After warming up a little, we decided to explore deeper in the forest and hopefully not run into any stranger danger. We sort of lucked out… not really, but more on that later.

You too, can be an actual tree hugger.

From Tree to Shining Tree

The land of the free provides so much freedom of expression, and that’s what’s so beautiful about creating stuff like this.

Backtracking We Go

After figuring there wasn’t much more this deep into the forest, we turned back and retraced our steps to some other cool things we found along the way. Of course, this resulted in some of that previously mentioned close encounter. Of the K9 kind.

As luck would have it, we didn’t hear someone rounding the corner right in the middle of this shot. Boy did that give us a scare, but we played it coy and focused on this wonderful look. Because it’s always great to keep it classy.

Then we were back in action, for now — to the beautiful bed of ferns.

Brandi had no problem mocking my dislike for those overdone finger-lip poses, whatever you want to call them, so of course she was waiting for the perfect moment to screw with me and pull one out. Of course, of course. Hey it does work though.

As usual — always create a positive and safe work environment. Even with the occasional doggo encounter. This shoot received Brandi’s seal of approval… and some taunting of me, I guess I kinda deserve it.

Anyway, beautiful shoot, beautiful creature, wonderful forest exploration; looking forward to more with her in the future.