On The Right Track

We went off to explore just over the borders of the borough to find some grunge and urban decay in an attempt to capture some edgy fashion in its natural environment.

Olivia brought along this split V shaped swimsuit and paired it with pants to create a powerful and edgy look — which worked out well for showing off her figure and raw beauty, juxtaposed against urban decay in the setting sun. As always, working with her is lots of fun. She’s super talented, funny and attractive, in no particular order. Always a great shoot, even if we were short on time!

Always be on the lookout for renegade garbage trains or meth addicts. Thankfully neither caused any major conflicts.

As we were shooting, the sun started going down really fast — which was a great opportunity to catch some nice tones.

A little outfit change for a slightly different look, and we were back on the right track.

Quick! Hide! We may not have been on high alert, but sometimes there’s a reason to hide, right before we made our grand exit.

At this point we realized it was time to move on to a slightly less edgy location, and then call it a day. As always, had a wonderful shoot and I think we captured some beautiful edgy looks. Another fun experience for the books.

If you’re ever up for shooting something like this, get in touch and let’s make it happen!

Model: Olivia Anne
Agency: New York Model Management

Keep on smilin'