Oranges & Cream

Featuring Mary wearing Rotten Oranges

It was late winter or early spring, depending on how you look at seasons these days… we set out on an unseasonably warm and humid day, the forest was brown and dry, not quite ready for the blossoming to begin. The conditions were very much dreamlike, although the lighting was not-so-flattering.

But it was the day we got, so Mary and I took our chances and created this second set with a different look and location.

We ventured from the church to the pulpit; that is the forest.

Before we called it a day, we made sure to take a snack break, or at least pull out some fruit for fun.

Always make sure to get enough Vitamin C.

Model: Mary
Apparel Featured: Rotten Oranges

As usual, we kept the goofy factor at a 10/10

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