Searching For The Point of Inspiration

Featuring Mandy

It was supposed to be a grey rainy day, so Mandy and I had planned on a quick moody shoot, just hoping we’d be able to get any shots in before the wind and rain hit.

As luck would have it — though we weren’t prepared, the weather did a complete reversal and threw us a sunny bone. I’m no dog, but I was pumped for some sunshine and temperatures slowly warming up. This was more of a spontaneous shoot, we didn’t plan a walk beyond searching for Inspiration Point. So that’s what we did while searching for creative inspiration. Thankfully I was in great company with this chill rockstar.

Classic goofing around, it’s what we’re good at. Until I get a ball to the face.

30 Love

After losing a few matches, we had our eye on a new target.

Admiring the View

We paused to take a moment and talk about how awesome the view was from this far uptown. Truly a beautiful sight with the city peaking through the fog; This gave us the much needed inspiration we were searching for as we walked along the river.

Time for a nap.

Having found Inspiration Point, we used our final energy to make the quick video at the top of the page.

As expected, another dope shoot in the books, of course anytime we work together that’s what happens. We found our inspiration and had a blast.

Model: Mandy

Catch ya later (☞゚ヮ゚)☞