Ready To Bloom

Featuring Green Eyed Nymph

On the cusp of seasonal transition, we met up somewhat spontaneously to capture some pre-spring blossoming.

Laying bare amongst the brown decay caused by the crushing cold of winter, she was the brightest and most beautiful creature in the forest. We started with a bright green dress to draw energy from the sun and transplant it into the scorched winter ground, thus driving her living energies into the forest bed.

Like a sprouting crocus

We began this story as she sprouted like an early spring crocus placed strategically against the lifeless forest.

Seasonal saffron

As we wandered through the woods, she transitioned from green forest nymph to glowing saffron skin, basking in the sunlight coming through the bare canopy.

Springing forward, leaving the fall behind

Everything around us was monotone and lifeless, with the exception of her creamy skin reflecting the muted rays of sunlight peeking through the trees. Surely a sign of the spring to come…

Crawling through the decay

From tree to tree, we found some new places to be free.

Like the changing of seasons — as one comes to a close and a new one begins — they’re much like these stories I capture; They begin and end with a smile and always result in a wonderful experience, coming full circle like the cyclical rotation of the earth.

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