Rotten Oranges in the Forest

Featuring Mary & Rotten Oranges Intimates

I teamed up with Rotten Oranges Intimates for a collaboration featuring some of their lingerie. Mary jumped into the Haligh bodysuit and got groovin’ in the forest for some moody vibes.

The Juice

We crawled through the humid forest, practically sweating buckets to capture some wonderful scenery.

Rolling Down the Path

We moved along to find some new spots and different shots.

Oranges grow on trees, and so do beautiful creatures, even if they’re rotten.

If An Orange Falls in the Forest…

Does it make a sound? Probably, but who cares.

And that’s what it’s like to be a cool creature connecting with nature. I pledge of allegiance, to the pulp…

Enjoying the Flesh

After a little more exploring in the forest, Mary unpeeled and connected with nature.

Be sure to check out part 2, Unpeeling The Oranges for a little more skin, some leafy greens, and the continuation of this shoot.

Wrapping Up

If you’re interested in trying out the Haligh bodysuit (or any other piece) by Rotten Oranges be sure to visit them and check out the latest collection.