Running From Danger

Featuring Green Eyed Nymph

We had planned to explore abandoned places to shoot, as it was a cold fall day with rain in the forecast…

But as expected — I’ve been quite unlucky when it comes to shooting, finding people to work with or places that are safe and comfortable; maybe it’s my lack of a support system or network of friends, whatever the reason — we were just unlucky for this shoot. About 2 minutes into our location, we had to run from danger to make it out safely.

Fortunately we found ourselves in this field and took advantage of the time we had left. If it weren’t for Green Eyed Nymph’s beauty, skills and incredible outlook, I doubt this shoot would have been a success.

Like a fucking boss

Or just the boss, she’s the best.

Molds are meant to be broken

So we just started to look for random inspiration.

Free as a frigid bird

Untangled her hair, and set herself free…

Last chance before the rain

It started to rain right at this point, so we rushed to get in a few weird shots before finishing our escape.

I made sure to grab a few quick behind the scenes shots to prove our devotion to making this work, before plotting our escape from this wretched place.

Truly can’t thank Green Eyed Nymph enough for making this shoot work out.