Sticks And Stones

Featuring Green Eyed Nymph

We began this shoot without any strategic planning, just ready to explore nature and see what we’d uncover. Two creative souls venturing into the forest to capture fun shots.

After working together about 6 times, we’ve developed a general strategy and style that just works, so it’s more of a fun hike through the forest that includes pictures. And that’s in essence what we created here.

Off to a rocky start

It was surprisingly challenging to climb up to this cool looking rock face, between the oppressive humidity, attacking spiders and buzzing mosquito’s, we still managed to make it work but had to do it fast.

Rolling On Down

We rolled back down the hill and into the woods for a little refreshment beneath the foliage.

Sticks Are Better Anyway

Who needs stones when you can blend in with the trees?

And before long, we were back to reality

Or at least the land of make believe…

And that’s a rock fact.

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