Unpeeling The Oranges

Featuring Mary & Rotten Oranges Intimates

Continuing the previous collaboration story with Rotten Oranges is the second part of our journey – as Mary and myself have some fun in ferns off the trail.

Oranges Revealed

We continued this trek with the Halaigh bodysuit, and after some more time sweating in the humidity the unpeeling and capturing some shots on the trail began; Revealing the truth Earth Creature within.

Along the happy trails

We adventured along through the winding trails in search of more inspiration..

Never Enough Fern Now

During our exploration, we discovered a field of ferns… and at this point ferns have become a gimmick or theme in most of my shoots, so naturally I had to capture having some fun in the ferns.

And I always have the worst timing with stupid jokes, right in the middle of a beautiful shot.