A Wet & Moody Adventure

With Mary

The forest was wet, moody and dank. The perfect time and place for being completely uncomfortable, so naturally when we found out the forecast — we had to commit. I’m not a fan of the rain, but decided to make it happen. Mary was equally excited to experiment.

What was supposed to be a 40% chance and warm day, turned into 100% with a cold steady drizzle. Not at all ideal for a photoshoot, but just about right for sitting inside and watching Netflix with a bowl of soup. So, exactly the opposite of what we did! However, this wrench allowed us to shoot a beautiful moody adventure.

Sprouting like a beautiful fern

We started off the journey with a black lace bodysuit, which sort of looked like the rough foliage that blanketed the young forest bed. Mary, like a blossoming fern, grew from a human seed into a flourishing fern.

Into the foliage

As soon as we got the first shots, the weather began to get worse. About 15 minutes into our trek the the rain gained strength in bands, soaking us through. It was time to dive right in and start creating, as fast as possible.

Getting wet and frolicking through fields of ferns, dodging raindrops, and trying to have some innocent fun. That’s what this shoot was all about.

Like a tree in the forest

After twirling around in the raindrops it was time to move on for a few more shots and new location. We found this perfect clearing, and a tree stump to create some moody statuesque poses. However, as we got to it the rain continued to get heavier, soaking through the last dry object, the camera. So we really had to get things done and head back to safety.

Wrapping things up

Time to wrap things up, literally. We had time to capture a few more shots before throwing in (or on) the towel.

Me: Hey, what about some yoga poses – do you do yoga?

And of course, what would an adventure be without a few laughs. It was really chilly and Mary made it magical.

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