Where Dreams Come Alive

Featuring Mary

For those of you unfamiliar with my shoots, I thoroughly enjoy working with Mary. She’s like a gem sparkling in the dead winter forest or a shining light at the end of a dark tunnel. In other words, creating these photographic stories with her is like a dream.

So just as expected, we discovered this place that felt like what you’d envision in a dream. As we explored the ruins of an old church, we found a field that lay just beyond, which turned those dream-like images into a reality; All we needed was a fog machine.

A Divine Existence

As we got started with this portion of the story, it felt necessary to get a wide shot to capture the divine presence of her bare beauty placed against the remains of this house of prayer.

With Death There is Life

After a long dragging winter, and a grey moody day, the only living things in the forest were these two flowers.

Soon we woke from our daydream…

From Tree to Climbing Tree

Mary passed through the field of dreams to the twisted vines of our minds eye.

Of course, what would a dream be like without some goofy fun times.

This shoot was originally featured in Earth Creature Magazine, which is now part of Earthling Magazine. You can check out more of Mary’s work here.

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