Wilderness Off The Trail

Featuring Amy Wilderness

The Appalachian Trail is a true beast; Untamed and wild. Suffice it to say, naked exploring is always fun —- even when not making the full trek from start to finish — which takes about 5-7 months for the average 20% of hikers that complete it.

Anyhow… along the way you can expect to find unique sights and to be fully immersed in the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Though, the beauty we captured today was of a slightly different variety.

Industrialization leads to exploration

Trains have always been intriguing to me when exploring. Finding abandoned cars makes me giddy. I guess, aside from the raw grit, trains were the first true explorative technology that helped connect the East to West in the US, through a much safer approach than carriages. In essence, they sorta shaped the industrialization of America. Plus, they just look fucking cool.

Of course once you’ve stepped off the beaten path, or trail, or tracks in our case — that’s where the true exploration begins. To be a pure earth creature is to be one with nature. The wild that was once plowed through by hand and not technology is where things really bloom.

Naked Exploring and Connecting to Earth

In order to experience what it means to be human, sometimes one needs to be in their true form. The goal is to capture beauty through simplicity in the most natural way possible, and the following photos truly portray that.

During our short trip, we had a fun time exploring the sweaty pine forest. However, as all good things must come to an end, we were out of time and had to hit the damp tracks back home… so, until next time.

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