Uncovering Freedom

Featuring Green Eyed Nymph

Happiness arrives when you become one with nature, sadness is conforming to societal norms and restrictions.

The concept behind this shoot was something that she came up with. From fully clothed, unhappy and confined — progressing through locations and shedding layers along the way, happiness begins to emerge as she reaches her barest form of freedom.


We started our exploration confined within the pines.

One Layer At A Time

The transition towards a happier place…

As she slowly unraveled we ventured deeper into nature.

Just Me & The Trees — It sets us free

We adventured on and found an inspiring point of freedom.

Submerging Our Souls

As we reached the final piece of our puzzle, we found a swampy watering hole to take a dip.

But first, a few peaceful moments of mindfulness before cleansing our spirits.

Fully embracing freedom — we were happy to finally warm up.